SSO Monitor

LdapTools SSO Monitor is based upon the JRDS monitoring tool.

It provides new probes which are specific to OpenAM SSO portal, with great more details than the basic OpenAM probe (which is only a JMX probe).

Our distribution also features a specific jrds.probe.OpenAM that will enable you to monitor almost all the internals of OpenAM remotely (realms, configurations, SSO Events, load, and a lot more).

The output screens are very close to JRDS defaults, but are not limited to JMX metrics. We leverage the OpenAM REST interface to provide much more.

This way, OpenAM monitor will be easy to modify to support future OpenAM releases.

In addition, we have opened the source code under the CDDL license to the Open Source community to share our tool to the greatest number (available upon request).

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